10 Realities Pug Owners Should Learn to Accept ASAP

pug in bed

We have come to learn that pugs are some of the sweetest and loyal dogs in the world. They can be well mannered and have a certain high-class look about them when they gaze at you.

Is there any wonder why ancient Chinese emperors and French noblemen wanted them about, often having the pooch sitting on their laps when greeting company and foreign dignitaries.

However, for a normal pug loving family it is not their exceptional pedigree they love but the fact a pug is a kid friendly and charming member of the family. Sure, they can have moods and some health issues that need to be addressed but it really is worth it to have this precious, pretty pooch loyally standing by your side!

After a brief break, we ask you to go to the net page and learn the ten (10) realities pug owners should learn to accept ASAP!

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