10 Realities New Pug Owners Must Learn to Embrace

1) The first reality you must embrace is you will receive a TON of Pug love. Pugs love to snuggle, and once they fully attach themselves to their new parents, you're going to fall in love (if you haven't already).

pug snuggle

Via Join The Pugs

2) Pugs are tough little dogs that have no clue how small they are. When confronted with a big dog, they're not afraid to take them on and in some cases defend themselves or others if larger dog initiates the fight. So if ever a fight ensues, back away with your Pug and fast! You need to keep your little one safe!

pug with big dog and acting like a boss

Via My Magical Journey / Tumblr

Want to discover what other realities you must face? Pugs are adorable but find out how sometimes they're a handful! LOL!

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128 thoughts on “10 Realities New Pug Owners Must Learn to Embrace

  1. Almost 100% accurate, with the addition of the fact that Pugs absolutely cannot stand hot weather either. They cant sweat and with their little brachiocephalic faces, they can’t breathe either. Do not take your dog out in hot weather!

  2. They are beyond awesome!!!! My dearly loved Yeager now has 75% paralysis in his hind legs. He can control his bladder, but not his bowel. If anyone had told me I’d be okay with poop pods years ago, I would have said

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