(Video) In One Terrifying Moment, Dog Gets Free From Owner and Runs Down Busy Street in Mexico City

running dog

At one time or another, we have all had that moment when we are walking our doggy and somehow he gets free! It happens at least once in a dog’s life. If he or she is an easy to get along with a pooch that will come back when you call, it is not such an anxiety filled trauma.

However, when your pooch – tasting a sudden freedom – takes off, not ever thinking there might be consequences, panic ensues!

The fear a dog owner feels at that moment is displayed never better than in the video over on the next page! Not only is the dog running at full speed down a busy street but its owner is frantic and, in one case, the dog does appear to disappear underneath one of those cars!

It is a highly charged, frantic chase and you can hear the dog-daddy yelling, possibly telling people on the sidewalk to nab him and motioning for cars to slow down or watch for the pup.

If you need a little adrenaline rush to your day go to the next page and take a look!

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