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Welcome to LeashesOptional.com where we share our love for everything dog related, especially Pugs! We enjoy sharing with our readers daily entertaining and touching doggy videos, articles that offer tips related to training tips, health, and more. We also keep our readers current on the recent Pug and doggy news and enjoy offering advice about our favorite furry friends. There are also several adorable photos of energetic and happy dogs that brighten the lives of fur parents and dog lovers alike every day.

In addition to sharing with you some of the greatest stories about the fur babies we adore, we also want our readers to become happy and wise pet parents. You can stay up to date on Leashes Optional via a free newsletter that'll keep you updated on upcoming and current doggy events.

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Every week we will select a winner from our dog contest and the more people you can help us reach, the better chance you will have at winning some doggy goodies that you and your fur baby will enjoy!

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