(Video) Determined Baby Goat Will Do Just About Anything to Get a Taste of Some Leaves

hungry goat

When you first see Violet you have to do a double-take. She is not your typical goat. As a matter of fact, she is a baby Lamanche goat, with short ears, long legs and, they say, a personality like a puppy!

Violet was bottle fed when very young and she hasn’t been on “solid food” all that long. However, she knows she likes it! What self-respecting goat would not like fresh, green leaves? It’s the goat version of candy!

At her home, The Hamish's Farm in Keene, Ontario, she finds a lot to love – including those yummy leaves – but it is not like she doesn’t have to work for them.

Go on over to the next page and watch Violet as she works to obtain her favorite snack. She is sweet and her insistence will put a smile on your face!

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