(Video) Frenchie is Playing With a Baby Pug When All of a Sudden the Pug Gets Super Feisty, LOL

frenchie pup

When you are a little guy, the baby or runt of the group, you always want to hang around the older kids. Not only are they the “cool” kids but when you are with them when they accept you, it's a good, warm feeling of recognition!

Unfortunately, big kids play rough. In this case, he is a French Bulldog who does not seem to know his own strength. Okay, he's actually pretty careful with his little pug puppy sidekick! But even when being careful he's bigger and a little rougher! Dare we say ungainly?

Still, pug puppy does not seem to care. He is having fun and is feisty. That is until the Frenchie suddenly stands and starts to really play. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye! Note: No one loses and eye or even comes close to it.

Go over to the next page and watch these two pals play and sty for the end when the pug rather shows his Frenchie friend that he has had enough!

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