10 Realities New Pug Owners Must Learn to Embrace

If you're a Pug lover then you probably already know that Pugs love to be the life of the party while showing their owner's unconditional love.

They also love to play, run around, and won't allow a big dog to intimidate them. In fact, they may try to be friends or show them who's boss! LOL!

Pugs are very intelligent and sometimes can be a handful. They love to be around their parents and will use your love for them to their advantage! With that said, they enjoy getting a lot of attention, and you may find your Pug pulling off a crazy stunt to get attention and a few laughs.

Honestly, if you don't own a Pug, you should get one or more — they make fantastic fur children for parents that are a good fit for them.

If you are thinking about getting a Pug or recently got a new Pug, congratulations! I bet you are having a lot of fun. However, there are some realities you need to accept about your Pug and it's better that you know them now than later.

To find out what those realities are, visit the next page. If you already own a Pug, see if you can relate to these realities and learn to embrace them (if you haven't already)!

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128 thoughts on “10 Realities New Pug Owners Must Learn to Embrace

  1. Almost 100% accurate, with the addition of the fact that Pugs absolutely cannot stand hot weather either. They cant sweat and with their little brachiocephalic faces, they can’t breathe either. Do not take your dog out in hot weather!

  2. They are beyond awesome!!!! My dearly loved Yeager now has 75% paralysis in his hind legs. He can control his bladder, but not his bowel. If anyone had told me I’d be okay with poop pods years ago, I would have said

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