7 Tell All Signs an Owner is Unintentionally Breaking Their Dog’s Heart

guilty dog


Oh my, we really do try to be a great Mom or Dad to our fur-children but there are times when that pooch really tests our patience! Why is he behaving like such a nut when we take him out on a walk? That dog in the distance is nowhere near him but he’s barking at it as if it’s the canine from hell! Lol. Naturally, correction must be made.

But are you really correcting the behavior or just confusing your pooch? Think about it. He’s probably barked before at other dogs and you did not do anything about it. Why, he wonders, is he being punished for something that comes so naturally for him – something he has never been punished for before?

Hence, there is the broken heart. It usually does not take long for a pooch to get over that heart-break but the point is, it should not happen at all. We, as pet owners, really need to look at what we are doing. Sometimes dogs simply do not know what they are doing wrong!

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