How to Safely Repel Roaches Without Causing Any Harm to Fido

diatomaceous earth roach killer


We hate roaches. Oh, I know we are supposed to be more eloquent when it comes to something we do not fully understand. But, let’s face it, roaches really do suck. So much for eloquence!

Can you blame our animosity? Not only are they creepy, getting into our homes and definitely setting up house where they are not wanted, but – if the experts have it right – when the world ends the only thing that will be left is taxes and roaches. That is hardly fair!

But, even more than that – for now – they are little disease carriers! They are not good for us or our pets and we need a way to repel them that will not cause illness to any of our family members.

What we can we do? Go over to the next page and read up on a great way to repel roaches without harming Fido!

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