How to Prevent a Pooch From Having a Bloated Tummy

overweight pug

After a big meal dogs can feel as miserable as their masters. If you see or smell your pooch burping or farting you probably should not be so disgusted. It’s a good thing, believe it or not, removing some of that pressure in their tummies.

The one thing you do not want your pooch to suffer from is gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV).
Bloat in dogs, when it involves GDV, is complicated. It is more than an excess of gas. From its normal position in a dog’s abdomen, the stomach itself has twisted anywhere from 180 degrees to a full 360 degrees! Fluids, gasses, and food in the belly distend the stomach and are trapped. There is no belching or farting and pooping is difficult.

It can certainly be a fatal situation and if you suspect your pooch is suffering from bloat or any significant abdominal issues you should probably get him to a vet ASAP. To learn more about how to prevent a pooch from having a bloated tummy go to the next page.

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