Dog Trancing – What it is and Whether it’s Something to be Concerned About

pug and friend on the grass

Our first question when presented with this topic was: “What the heck is dog trancing?” We had never heard of it before but it seems to be a known condition and is very interesting if a little frightening, trait some dogs experience.

We are told it often happens when a dog is walking underneath something and their backs are lightly touched with anything from leaves to hanging clothes from above. They walk very slowly, looking ahead, seemingly in a trance underneath what is touching them, until they get to the other side – then the pups are fine again.

We had pictures of the M. Night Shyamalan movie “The Happening” going on in our head, especially after watching a video of a dog Trancing. It’s odd and he really does appear to be hypnotized in some strange way. But when he comes out of it it’s like nothing happened at all!

Originally, many thought trancing may have something to do with seizures but that appears to be ruled out. Who knew, after all this time, that the world of doggies can still surprise us?

Go on over to the next page and read up on trancing, the type of dogs that experience it and if you have ever seen or have a pup that trances let us know about it. Have you talked with a vet? What is their opinion? It's a fascinating study!

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