The Correct Angle for Cutting a Dog’s Nails

trimming a dog's nails

We have to admit that if there is one thing we hate to do more than attempting to get our reluctant dog into a bathtub for a good scrubbing, it is trimming his nails. The howling and whining is terrible. And the sounds the dog makes is even worse!

So, if there is an easier way to take care of those fraying, short protrusions – other than taking him to a vet to have it done – we want to know about it! Not only will it make us more confident but, all in all, it will make Rover less hostile about the clipping too!

After the break, go on over to the next page and read up on nail cutting tools and the reasons to cut your pup’s nails in the first place! He (and you!) may not like it but it really is something that needs to get done!

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