How to Protect a Pooch During Rabies Season

Animal Control reminds us that Summer is the prime time for pets to be exposed to rabies and they advise pet parents to vaccinate their furry family members before, not after, their pets become ill — or are bitten by a rabid animal!

In not doing so your doggy runs the gambit of illness of being parted from you! Also, you may have to pay for expensive cure costs, lodging … or worse!

Julie DeJong from Animal Control states because it is warmer pets are naturally outside more and the chances of them coming into contact with an infected wild animal increases. She says that pets, aka – cats and dogs, over the age of six months are required to get a rabies vaccination and to not have it done is irresponsible because the disease is preventable and dangerous!

You do not want your precious pooch to come down ill! To read more go over to the next page!

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