How to Know When it’s Time to Say Goodbye to a Fur Baby

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It will come for all of us sooner or later. Our fur babies will approach us, appearing tired and run down, not at all like they were a mere few years before, and you will start to count the years down on your fingers. Really? Fifi is thirteen years old? You have noticed her slowing down, not as eager to go on her walk as she once did, but could your precious pooch really be fading?

Just the thought of it brings tears to our eyes but, after all, every living thing on this earth is mortal. In other words, we all have an expiration date, as much as we hate to admit it.

So, how do you know when your best friend is edging that fine line between a quality life and a painful end?

We desperately want to believe, with the new advances in medicine, that our doggy can be saved, given another chance, but we have to really think about what we are asking.

Is it possible we are being selfish and our pooch needs the comfort of a final sleep? Go over to the next page to know when it is time to say goodbye to a fur baby!

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33 thoughts on “How to Know When it’s Time to Say Goodbye to a Fur Baby

  1. My last pug, took a dramatic turn for the worse one weekend. I was out of town and friends of mine were watching her. She was fine on Saturday and their son took what is now my favorite picture of her. The next day, she just laid down and would move. I picked her up on Monday morning and took her to the vet for a pre-planned appointment. When she wouldn’t acknowledge a treat immediately in front of her nose, I knew.

  2. It’s such a hard decision to make but if you love your fur baby, you do what is best/kindest to him/her.
    Too many people drag it out for far too long, for selfish reasons.
    I had to make the choice just last month with my cat. It hurt to lose him but I couldn’t let him suffer.

  3. I am struggling with that decision for my 10 year old pug. Recently diagnosed diabetic-started on Novalin and developed an allergic reaction to it. Now on Vetsulin and does not feel well at all on it….she won’t eat her food, can’t get pills in her for her aching back. She’s so down…15 minutes after this insulin she pants so heavy and is clearly in a little distress

  4. I lost my little girl yesterday, she was my sweet kind companion for 14 years. Through good times and bad times she was always by my side. There is aching emptiness in my heart. I love you my little Millie, until we meet again!

  5. It is a difficult decision. We put it off longer than we should have, but when my 16 year old pug woke me up at night crying in pain I knew it was time. Part of me knows that I let him suffer too long, but then part of me feels guilty for giving up on him too soon.

  6. My sweet daisy is 12 and living on meds. Predisone and hydrocodone. She has 3 masses on her spleen, fluid in her lungs (surgery not a great option) She still loves to eat which keeps me hopeful. Everyone tells me you will know.. and I get that but she’s my world.

  7. We had to put our pug to sleep May 2nd. She had spinal issues and was unable to walk. She was on pain medication every 8 hours plus 2 different prescription for eyes. The fentynel patch didn’t work. She was 13 and so loving and loyal. One of the hardest things to do but she was in too much pain.

  8. Been there a few times, I’m down to 1 pug now. She is 8, I pray she stays with me for many more years. I truly know what everyone is going thru with all these comments, they are family !❤️

  9. My pug was 11 when he came down w diabetes. He got insulin 2x a day and with careful monitoring for the correct dose initially, he lived to 15. Much love to you and your baby ❤️

  10. Olga Nan any reactions to it? The first one she got hives everywhere, the second one is total appetite change, constipation, panting and back end weakness. Not sure if insulin is going to work for her???

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