4 Things We Had No Idea About Black Pugs

cozy black pug in bed


As with any pet we want to adopt, we take everything in. We look at how eager they are, how well they eat, how clear their eyes are and – yes – we check the color and texture of their fur. If we’ve always wanted a faun color dog that might play big in the decision process. Yet, should it?

For instance, we have had two black dogs in our life time, one a shepherd mix and the other was some kind of hound concoction. We loved them both as kids and adults!

They were fun and feisty and completely adoring and faithful. What we are trying to say is they had awesome personalities, both of them, that had absolutely nothing to do with the color of their fur!

So, this is why we are looking into black pugs, so adorable on their own but often under-appreciated in the pug world, and what they have meant through history and in general.

Go over to the next page and check out the four (4) things we had no idea about black pugs! And yes, they are as awesome as you might expect!

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