How Dogs Show Affection to Their Humans is Not What Many Would Expect

woman with dog


When we were little we remember visiting a vet with our big black shepherd. It was nothing serious. Just his yearly inoculations. Eber was a big and beautiful dog.

He was also friendly to anything but cats (and he once gave a chicken a bad time). Therefore, when we told the vet we knew what a good dog he was by the smile on his face he immediately told me that dogs do not really smile.

We were stunned. Our dog smiled all of the time. He was a good dog and loved his life. What was the vet talking about? Our Dad was good about it and when we asked him he said that not all dogs were like our Eber and, yes, he believed he smiled too.

That comment always left a mark on us because we sincerely believed and probably would have believed until our dying day that all dogs smile. But if they do not then how do they show love and affection? Body language is the answer!

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