Why a Dog Takes so Long to Decide Where to Go Poop


Currently, we live in an apartment. While it is a nice place, with good walking grounds and a path, we now live in an area that that has rain, lots of it, and snow in the Winter. We like this weather, so different from Southern California, but when you own a dog it does not matter the climate – the dog has to do his business!

So, there we are, out in the middle of a blizzard, walking Rover and hoping he’ll get it done quickly. But, no. He’s taking his time, sniffing away, moving in circles, and pretty much taking his time despite our ice crusted knuckles and a face that has gone numb!

Why is he taking his time?! Just go already, you flea bit pooch! But no, he’s just not ready and no amount of mental pushing is going to get it done faster!

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2 thoughts on “Why a Dog Takes so Long to Decide Where to Go Poop

  1. I know. And my lawn is the best poop place on the whole block. Ask all the dogs, ‘cuz I sure see them all stop and take a dump on my nice green grass. Oh well….better than humans doing it.

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