7 Things You Are Doing That Are Unintentionally Breaking Your Dog’s Heart

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It's easy to do — using your dog's kennel as a form of “time out.” But the reality is that your dog's kennel is supposed to be her refuge, which is why it should never be used as a form of punishment.

Another thing you can work on? Not bribing your dog. You may be saying “What?! Me?” Well, if you've been luring your dog into position while training her, then you're technically bribing her. Read on about how you can stay away from crossing that line while training your pooch.

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So, your dog is less than eager to spend time in their kennel… well, how many times have you used the kennel as a form of punishment? The kennel should be a comfortable place that your dog is eager to visit. The kennel is that magical place where your pup eats their dinner or gets a peanut butter-stuffed Kong. Never use the kennel as a form of punishment!

2) Bribery

Does your dog only listen if you have a treat in your hand? Do you keep your hand in the treat pouch during a training session or move towards the cookie jar before you issue your dog a command? If you answered “yes,” you are one of many hoomans guilty of bribing your dog. Many people begin training a behavior by luring their dog into position. Using a lure is okay in the initial stages of training a command, however, there is a fine line between a lure and a bribe, so it’s important to phase out the lure as soon as possible.

Does your doggy love to chew or growl?! Then you're going to relate to next tip.

You may be one of those lenient pet owners that allow their dog to chew on a variety of things… but you may want to stop that after you check out THIS important tidbit of training information on the next page.

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29 thoughts on “7 Things You Are Doing That Are Unintentionally Breaking Your Dog’s Heart

  1. My pug had been badly abused before I got him. He was 8 months old. It took him a year to bark. He is the King of my castle. He is almost 10 years old. I would not trade him for the world!!

  2. They sure are. The woman that had him wanted him to breed. He was 8 months old. You can see the burn marks on his legs. A friend of mine wanted him. He kept him one night. I could tell he was scared of his shadow. I felt sorry for . I’m a cat person. His sad face got me.

  3. We dont do any of this to our 4 Pugs. Our babies always get treats when they sit tho because it took forever for us to teach them that. And we get them to come to us by calling their names and patting our knees. I love cuddling all 4 of my babies. They smell bad, but its worth it! 🙂 <3

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