How to Care for a Dog on a Budget

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Back in the olden days, when we were children and lived in Southern California, our dog was an “outside” dogs. He was there to keep us company and guard our house against intruders. The very idea of having a dog in the house was unthinkable!

Again, we lived in a great climate where it didn’t get that cold even during the winter and Eber was perfectly comfortable looking in at us through the screen door. Actually, it got to the point when we had a bad storm we tried to pull Eber in the house and he refused to come inside!

The point is, dogs somehow manage with little if they have to. They may whine and cry for a bit but they are a lot tougher than they look!

However, in this day and age of pet pampering we do tend to think of them as our furry children rather than domesticated dogs and want to treat them as such. However, there are some people out there that want a dog, will take care of it, but are finding it so darn expensive!

Even adopting a mixed pup from a shelter isn’t “cheap” anymore. Then you have to consider vaccines, regular medical care, good nutritious dog food – and the list goes on!

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