Dog Depression During the Winter – Do Doggies Really Get Down in the Dumps?

sad pug

Have you noticed your pooch looking a bit down this winter? Maybe she's been feeling a little needy lately and maybe even grumpy?

Maybe it has been raining a lot in your area that is preventing you from taking your doggy on a walk. Or, perhaps you had a nice long holiday break, and now it's back to work for you. She's probably missing you a lot while you're gone!

If this sounds like your fur child, your pooch might have the blues!

The winter time can sometimes put a damper on our moods. In addition to what I mentioned earlier, there is limited sunlight, and our bodies start to feel a little bummed out.

It turns out doggies can experience this winter depression too! Don't worry, we have a few solutions for your pooch!

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  1. So – sounds like an interesting article but the website is laced with click-bait. No, I didn’t actually win an iPhone 7 to test. Frustrating.

    I loathe these click-bait sites where you have to guess if the “NEXT PAGE” icon is actually a link to the next page, or disguised as one to direct you to some crappy website you have no interest in? I know Pugs Are Awesome didn’t create the site – I’m just venting.

    Pugs are totally awesome though – this little guy is my Koda!

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