Nap Time Police: This Doggie Mom Lays Down The Law

Puppies are all about testing boundaries, pushing limits and being naughty. Besides the fact that its in their nature, these behaviors are common among young pets. You can also ask any parent and they'll tell you the same thing about their children.

But when puppies misbehave, it can be pretty darn adorable because, well.. they're puppies. How can you stay mad at those big dewy eyes? It's almost impossible. And for all the stunts they pull – gnawing on your expensive wood coffee table, pulling the stuffing out of your pillows or chewing the toes off your favorite pair of shoes –  it's probably for the best that they're so cute. One little look can melt your heart or make you laugh. So it pays to be naughty and cute – you can get away with more!

In today's video, this German Shepherd momma is one tough cookie when it comes to nap time. Watch on page 2 how she lays down the law for her pup!


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