8 Fun and Essential Gadgets for Doggie Exercise!

Dogs need and crave exercise just as much as humans do. Some people think the smaller the dog, the less exercise they need. But that is simply not true. Sure, a pomeranian won't necessarily need the 5 mile hike your German Shephard looks forward to on the weekends. They have smaller legs, which can make extensive activities like this difficult. But even small dogs need time to run around and get their heart beat up each day. It's important for their health!

But what can you do to make the days activities more fun? Today we found some super awesome things to spice up our pooch's daily exercise routine. Do you take your dog for walks? Or to dog friendly venues like parks or beaches? Whatever the activity, these fun gadgets are must-haves for dog owners. And we're confident you're gonna love them as much as your dog will!

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