Baron the Service Dog Wants to Clean Your Kitchen

Doing the dishes is an unruly task. You find an awesome new recipe to try, spend a decent amount of time follow the directions perfectly and voila – a yummy dinner! But when you're all finished and you clear the plates from the dining table it hits you. How did your kitchen become such a disaster? Why did you need to use 6 separate mixing bowls? Did this recipe really call for the use of wooden spoons, a spatula and baster? Where did all those cutting boards come from? How did you manage to use all of your forks? Ugh. Cleaning up the kitchen after a big meal is the worst. Which makes it all the more wonderful when someone offers to help! In our house, if a family member or friend offers to assist with kitchen clean-up duties, they get to pick the after dinner movie. It's only fair, right?

But what the offer of assistance came from a furry friend with paws instead of hands?

On page 2, you'll meet Baron, a German Shepherd service dog who takes cleaning the kitchen to a whole new level! 


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