3 Super Easy DIY Doggy Treats!

Most of us enjoy having a home cooked meal. Sure, going out to restaurants is nice, too! But frequently eating out can become costly. Fast food is another guilty pleasure, but it's important to make healthy choices. And that's kind of the point – that we have choices. We can decide what we want to eat, when we want to eat it, and how much we're going to eat. Your dog on the other hand cannot make those choices. But we LOVE our dogs and we truly want what's best for them. So that means supplying them with a balanced and nutritious diet that will sustain their health and make their taste-buds happy. Cause we know first hand that “healthy” doesn't always mean “tasty”.

You can read labels and check nutrition facts on your own. Or you could even ask your vet which food they would recommend. But if you cook your own meals and you like  knowing exactly what's goes into your belly, they why not do the same for your pooch?

On page 2, we'll give you some simple and yummy treat recipes for your pup that they're gonna LOVE!


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