5 Reasons Older Dogs RULE!

They say re-homing a puppy is easier than re-homing an adult or senior dog. While we understand why this might be (duh, puppies are cute), we think people often overlook all the wonderful and amazing things mature dogs have to offer. When we look at our adult dogs, the dogs we've had since they were babies, we often see a reflection of ourselves. If you've ever stopped to silently observe your dog over a period of time, you'll see that they wear their emotions in their face, clear as day. If their toy rolls under the sofa, you might witness their frustration and hear them bark. When playing fetch, if you give a “good girl!” or “that's my boy” praise, you can see the feelings of pride – they're so happy to please you.

But when you've had the joyous experience of watching your puppy grow into the dog they are today, you have a new found appreciation for older dogs. How they interact, the habits they develop and some new “grumpy” traits that are downright adorable.

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