Adorable Senior Pooch Rescued: A Heart Warming Story

We all know the importance of pet adoption and encourage each and every pet enthusiast to truly research their options before going to a breeder or pet store. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs around the world sitting in shelters, hoping they'll find a forever home. And sadly, that doesn't always happen. We've mentioned previously that finding an adoptive home for an older dog is even more difficult because most people looking for adoptive pets want a puppy or a young adult.

Sad stories can bum you out and we try our best not to pass those around, cause hey – we don't like ruining your day anymore than we like having our own days ruined. But in today's post, we have something wonderful. What starts out as a sad story will end up warming your heart completely. In truth, it brought us to tears. Happy stories have been doing that to us a lot these days!

Continue on to page 2 and learn about 12 year old Prinny. What she lost and what she was able to find. It's truly beautiful. 


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