Cookie, an Abandoned Senior Dog, Finds Her Happily Ever After

Cookie the Senior Dog

Can you imagine looking at both of your children and deciding you wanted to keep the younger of the two and just give your older child away, never to see her or him again? It’s not that they were bad. They just go older. What?! Check out poor Cookie’s story!

Animal lovers are falling hard for a dog named Cookie. This old cocker spaniel and a young labrador were picked up as strays and impounded at the San Bernadino shelter in California. The family who owned the two dogs went to the shelter, but their decision is what makes this story so difficult to comprehend.

Cookie senior dog

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The family claimed their one-year-old lab, but left nine-year-old Cookie behind.
Cookie watched her family walk away, crying out in abandonment.

Lynn Hamilton of OC Small Paws So UT wasn’t about to let Cookie spend one more day alone. Thanks to Lynn and her rescue team, Cookie was set up with a wonderful foster home who saw an ad for the abandoned dog.

Cookie was ushered off to a brand new life, full of cuddles, warmth, treats, and affection.

Cookie senior dog sleeping

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The story ends well for sweet little Cookie but there are so many senior dogs that are abandoned to shelters simply because they are older and a family feels they are pretty much done for in this world anyway. The very idea that they could leave their furry family member behind, despite or because of its age, is truly a heartbreaking thing.

On the plus side, Cookie became a sensation, with many loving families wanting to adopt her when her story was told. There are some good people out there and we are so please Cookie has had her happy ending!

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