Cookie, an Abandoned Senior Dog, Finds Her Happily Ever After

Cookie the Senior Dog

How old is too old? Five? Ten? Fifteen?

We know dog owners these days have to make some difficult decisions but once they are made is it just as easy to unmake them, especially when it has something to do with a living creature? We are talking about a charming Cocker Spaniel named Cookie. She is a sweet little thing but she and her sister, a younger Lab, got away from the backyard of their pet parent's home and something unforeseen happened.

The nine-year-old may not have ever thought to explore her neighborhood if she knew what was to follow. Both dogs were picked up and sent to a shelter and their owners showed up to claim them. Well, one of them anyway.

Can you picture poor Cookie, looking out of her cage, watching as her pet parents left with her Lab sister but did not come back for her? That is exactly what happened. Cookie was now “too old” and they surrendered her to the shelter. What a heartbreaking turn of events for poor Cookie!

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