Discovering the Truth as to Why a Dog Needs so Much Sleep

pug sleeping on a pillow

Dogs are amazing creatures. You already know that and that is why you read these pages. However, when you think about the things they do and the way they do them, they truly are remarkable family members!

We laugh at the energy our dog displays. He is seemingly able to jump and play endlessly when we are exhausted and ready to nap. But then, he will lay down and sleep — and can do it for quite some time before he wakes, stretches and is ready to be active again. But then, in no time he is ready for his next nap!

So, are dogs some crazy energy machine that peters out and, because of that burst of energy, needs immense relaxation?

Honestly, we are not sure but we want to explore it. Go over to the next page and we will discuss the truth as to why dogs need so much sleep!

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10 thoughts on “Discovering the Truth as to Why a Dog Needs so Much Sleep

  1. Guys. Sorry. Have to unfollow you. You’re borderline click-bait these days with predictable feeder on page one and decreasingly insightful write-ups on page 2. All makes sense you say.. Puppies sleep because they are expending energy most of the time …NSS!. Please get back to the useful stuff rather than plying ads. Will probably be an unpopular comment…

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