15 Pug Facts From Life That Most Pug Lover Didn’t Know (Until Now)

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When you were initially contemplating what breed of dog you wanted we are sure you read-up on what would and would not work with your family. Granted, there are those families that simply see a dog, connect, and decide to bring it home. And that is really cool! Still, without having a general idea of what the breed will require the “surprise factor” with regard to certain dog breeds can sadly be a little annoying!

We just did an article regarding certain dogs, with flat noses, who are not allowed on airplanes because of potential over-heating and breathing problems. Just think about adopting a dog without knowing that little fact, especially if you travel a lot, then discovering they are forbidden to fly with you! Not only does it seem unfair but it is also really inconvenient!

This is why we like the idea of educating any dog owner before they adopt. We hate the idea of ruling any doggy out but if the family mix is not good then it is miserable for the dog and its forever home. No one wants that!

Now, let’s talk about the pug! Adorable, sweet, snorting bundles of energy and love that they are, there may be some things you do not know! Even if you have done extensive research there could be issues you have missed, real things many of the best dog books – often written by breed lovers –  will not tell you!

Go on over and read fifteen (15) pug facts from life that most pug-lovers did or do not know – until now!

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31 thoughts on “15 Pug Facts From Life That Most Pug Lover Didn’t Know (Until Now)

  1. I Love my pugys, except they, both of them, zero in on eating my cats poop. Even getting in the cats liter box, which I keep just open or blocked enough so the cats can still go potty.
    Anyone else??

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