(Video) Poor Puggy Poops After Being Frightened by a Teddy Bear


We're all afraid of something. Whether it's spiders, accidentally spilling the secret of a close friend or burping during a meeting, sometimes those fears become a reality. We try our best to prevent our fears from happening, but sometimes we can't help it.

The spider comes out from the corner, we accidentally hiccup during the meeting, and now we're scarred for life. Okay, not really, but it is pretty traumatizing at the time.

Well, can you imagine how a pug feels when he comes face to face with his fear? Some doggies fear the most ridiculous things, such as an orange or a vacuum, but that doesn't make their fears less valid. Just like humans have things they're afraid of so do our pooches, and you can't fault them for that.

In today's video a poor pug has to deal with a fear and what he's afraid of is hilarious, but not for the poor dog! Watch how he handles the situation of encountering a giant teddy bear after the break — his reaction isn't pretty!

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