(Video) Pug’s Epic Reaction After His Bath is Hilarious

excited pug

Bathing can be nice after a long day. It's relaxing, makes us forget the day's troubles, and maybe we even throw in a bath bomb or two. For humans bath time is nice, but for dogs, it's a whole different matter.

Why may you ask? Well, many dogs don't like bath time because they get water in their ears and it's uncomfortable, or they may be afraid of water due to something that happened to them in the past or they just don't like water in general. Whatever the case may be, many dogs just don't like bathing like humans do.

I don't seem to blame them. My dog has gotten used to her bath time, but afterward, she turns into a crazed pup. She runs around the house like crazy and tries to get dry as soon as possible. Sound familiar?

If your dog reacts to bath time and getting out of the tub in a hilarious manner then you'll be able to relate to the video after the break. This pug not only is over his bath, but his reaction to getting out of the tub is a riot. Get ready to laugh your socks off!

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