[VIDEO] Hilarious Video Of Two Pugs That Are Afraid Of… A Stuffed Monkey?!

Everyone has a phobia or two. You might be afraid of snakes, sand, or even being around a lot of people. It's okay to admit that you're scared — if you weren't then you're probably not telling the truth!

What do you do when you are afraid? Do you yell and scream and try to get away from the object or situation asap? Or, do you ignore it and quietly and quickly get away from the place where the thing you're afraid of is? Everyone handles their fears differently and in today's video you get to watch how two cute pugs handle their phobia.

It turns out both of these pugs are afraid of a stuffed monkey! Yeah, you read that correctly. This cute and little stuffed monkey is hanging out on the bed as a decoration and minding his own business. Meanwhile, two pugs decide to bark their heads off at the toy. Just what are they thinking?!

Watch these pugs get upset and bothered about a stuffed monkey on the next page — LOL!

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37 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Hilarious Video Of Two Pugs That Are Afraid Of… A Stuffed Monkey?!

  1. Poor Puglets! As a little girl, dolls terrified me! I didn’t like the way their eyes “followed my movements!!” I never played with dolls. Now, I do appreciate Victorian style dolls, from a long ago time, as Art.

  2. The trick is to put the monkeys on the floor and lay an enticing treat on their laps. The pugs will approach for the treat and take in that there is nothing to fear. Do this all the time for my pug and this has been great for her self confidence and social skills

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