(Video) Golden Retriever Wreaks Havoc on the Backyard While Mom is Away at Work. Wow!

Not So Guilty Angus

We do not know what our pets are doing while we are away. A recent cartoon movie attempted to give us an idea but, to be honest, we really do not know what they are up to. Our dogs could be playing, sleeping, or even daydreaming until their beloved masters come home.

Then there is Angus, the Golden Retriever. His Mommy pretty much knows what he does while she is gone for the day because evidence of his “playtime” is all over the backyard!

Sadly, Angus cannot seem to keep out of trouble. When he digs he cannot stop then when he find something, gets it between his teeth, he is bound and determined to show it who is the boss.

Unfortunately, it is Mom that has to pay for the pooch’s mental and physical abandonment. A good example of this craziness is on the video on the next page.

Oh, Angus, what have you done now?

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