(Video) Attention: This Pug Has a Message for Batman Fans!

Pug with Batman and Robin

Simply put, there are certain TV shows out there that have sincerely catchy intro tunes. Who can forget the Flintstones song or even the catchy “Ballad of Jed Clampett” from the Beverly Hillbillies?

But our favorite was the theme from Batman, the unforgettable TV show starring Adam West as our favorite caped crusader.

He could take out the Joker and Riddler with only a little trouble and when Robin, the Boy Wonder was with him – Holy Double Trouble, Batman!

Anyway, it is nice to learn a whole new generation of Batman fans are discovering this wonderful 60's TV series, along with the animal world… Oh yes!

There is a certain Pug who absolutely adores Batman and – well – you just have to watch and listen to the video on the next page to see just how far this furry fan carries his fandom!

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