This Piano Playing German Shepherd Will Melt Your Heart

All dog owners think their dog is the best. But that's only natural because when we get to interact and play with our pooches regularly we develop a strong bond with them. Through that bond, we get to identify all their characteristics that make them unique. Maybe you have a dog who's shy around friends and family but with you she's a little show off. Or maybe your dog loves being the center of attention and constantly wants to perform cute tricks for anyone who's willing to watch. Either way, each dog is special in their own way.

German Shepherds are INCREDIBLY smart. Any German Shepherd owner will tell you one million and one ways their pup is the most intelligent pup on the planet. And we don't blame them because we know first hand how quick they are to adapt to new tricks, games and general obedience techniques. Aren't German Shepherds the best?

On page 2 you'll get to meet Sadie, a 6-year old German Shepherd mix who steals the show with this piano performance. Wait until you see what she does when she makes a “mistake”. Its absolutely adorable….. 


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