[VIDEO] This Surprised German Shepherd Get’s Reunited With Military Dad

When dog owners are deployed to the military, its common for their dogs to miss them a great deal. Have you ever gone on vacation and come home to an extremely excited pup? Tails are wagging, happy barks are abundant – they can't get enough of you! But again, for military dog owners, they don't have the luxury of coming home in a week or two from a nice vacation. Often times they are deployed for an extended period of time and for a dog who misses their mom or dad, it can seem like an eternity.

With that in mind, one thing we adore more than anything are happy videos of dogs being reunited with their military owners. No doubt both have been through a lot. And there's nothing better than a happy ending for all parties, right?

On the next page – bring your tissues – we'll show you this amazing video of a dog reunited with his military dad. Consider your heart strings pulled! 


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