[VIDEO] Dog And His Owner Sing A Priceless Duet! The Part At 00:26 Is Amazing…

Some dogs like to steal the show with their talents. Others are slightly more shy and prefer to share the limelight with someone else in an effort to take some of the attention off themselves. That's clearly the case with Maximus (such a great name!) who in this video can't seem to hold back his inner rock star at the opportunity to engage in a duet with her owner.

When training their dogs new tricks, most owners aim for something simple like “handshake” or maybe they train them to “speak”. But how Maximus's owner trained him to belt out these notes and engage in a duet is completely beyond us! However he managed to do this, we commend them both for their efforts because it made us laugh! We replayed it multiple times, too.

Are you ready to watch Maximus make his singing debut? Of course you are! Watch it on page 2…


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