This Pup Knows So Many Tricks and She’s Only 11 Weeks! Watch and See!!!

German Shepherds are so smart! And 11 week old Lexi is no exception to that. In the video on the next page, we'll show you how Lexi masters all the tricks in the book while looking absolutely adorable in action!

Lexi was born in Quebec, Canada! She's a long haired bundle of German Shepherd cuteness and as you'll soon see, she's one smart cookie too! The breed is known for being incredibly smart, with a knack for learning new things. This is why police dogs are predominantly German Shepherds! They're very adaptable to change, are fast at adopting new skills and are a dog trainers dream. If you're lucky enough to work with a German Shepherd puppy, you're working with the best dog breed during their sharpest developmental state!

On page 2, you'll get to see 11 week only Lexi kick major butt at these tricks she's mastered! Check her out!


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