[VIDEO] This Pooch Has INCREDIBLE Willpower – Watch and See!

Today we found this amazing dog who has the most INCREDIBLE willpower! Truthfully, it's unlike anything we've ever seen. And his talent is truly remarkable. This would NEVER work with our dog (or the majority of dogs, we should say).

The internet is filled with literally millions of videos consisting of  people acting silly, dogs performing dog tricks and cats playing the piano…sort of. But we love them! This type of entertainment, even if we mock it, can be enjoyed and watched endlessly.

In a balance of…well, balance, steady nerves and downright willpower is something we stand in awe of in any species. However, when our everyday, ordinary dogs can perform a seemingly silly, but amazing feat, we have to admire and share it.

Well, here is a feat worthy of the circus. Such poise, steadiness and patience should be well rewarded.

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