This Adorable Dog Video Will Turn Your Heart To Mush

Watch this adult German Shepherd's reaction to the new puppy her owners brought home. Her reaction will surprise you and quite possibly melt your heart completely. It did for us!

We all love a good animal video to break up the monotony of our work week. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're factual, and other times you find yourself making an audible “Awww…” when watching.

There are those who dismiss dogs as “just animals” and fail to see their loving and tender nature. And to those who dismiss such emotions in animals, we offer this example, and undoubtedly millions of others.

In today's video, we'll show you a heartfelt moment where an adult German Shepherd meets the new addition to her household: A young puppy. Which often means competition. How she reacts is priceless.

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10 thoughts on “This Adorable Dog Video Will Turn Your Heart To Mush

  1. Dogs are far more human than most humans. I had a big Shep for years and he was the most gentle dog I have have had, he loved kids both fur and skin.

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