Potty Train Your Pup: 5 Simple Steps

House training your dog or puppy is easiest when you have a home with outdoor access. Having a doggy door is incredibly convenient and makes for simplified potty training. But because we understand that this is generally not an option for everyone, we're going to give you some essential pointers for training your pooch indoors.

Have you ever observed dogs playing together at a dog beach or park? In those moments, they really are enjoying their freedom. And we don't blame them! It's nice to have fun and not always play by the rules, right? Sure. But the key words in that sentence were not always, which implies that there are several other instances were rules must be followed. As a dog owner its important for you to understand that canines appreciate structure. They like having a schedule and a routine. It might be hard to think of them this way, but because the way their brains work and remember information, it's easier for them to behave well when they know exactly what is required of them. And this concept goes hand in hand with potty training.

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On page 2, we're going to talk about setting expectations in the form of an indoor routine for your pup. 


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