Lonely Pug Desperately Calls Out… What Happens Next Floors Us

pugs on top of the stairs

You'll be amazed once you see what this Pug can do. He just wants some attention! So what does he do? Watch below to find out:

OMG! Did you hear how loud that sad Pug got?! It sounded like he was screaming, “Mama!” LOL! That is one smart pug. Let's hope his owner heard him and got to him as quickly as possible!

47 thoughts on “Lonely Pug Desperately Calls Out… What Happens Next Floors Us

  1. Hi all I’m a huge pug fan I just got my puppy pug 8 weeks ago it’s going great. I have a question for anyone who may know iv seen lots of pugs with bandages or material wrapped around the waist area and I can’t work out why iv asked loads of times but no one seems to want to tell me

  2. Probably a belly band for boys until they’re trained not to “mark”(pee) on things. Keep your new baby indoors. They are indoor only dogs. Their short noses don’t allow them to.cool themselves if hot by panting enough. Watch out for their eyes. Since they kind of bug out they can easily get scratched. They are dogs that always want to be with you so keep them close. They are awesome! (I have 9 rescues)

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